Phillip L Yee (pyee) wrote in srwi,
Phillip L Yee

Dandan na Progress

[Scene 3.4] Through the Homeland of Souls: This map was kinda annoying due to the placement of enemy units. Anyways, Defeat Toho Fuhai/Master Asia when he appears and get +1 Skill Point, and a Shuffle Symbol that gives you +5 ki when equiped.

[Scene 3.5] Accident: This one is more annoying then 3.4!! Again you must defeat Fuhai to get the skill point but he takes off after Turn 5. So Move your Super Robots in quickly and take out any enemies in your way to build up Ki. At the end of this map I got sent to the Byston Well's Route. This happens if you choose the episode "Through the Homeland of Souls" as the last episode of the scene. Otherwise you continue onto the earth route.
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