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[Scene 4.5] Shinging inside a strom: The Space forces need more reinforcements, and fast. The Elshank is used to go up into space, but them damn Jions decide to stop you.
Here is your chance to recruit Aina and Noris. If you destroyed the Apsilies before with Shiro, convince Aina with him. After you get Aina on your side, convince Noris with her and Bernie. Oh and if you prevent the Elshank from reciving any damage you get +1 Skill.

[Scene 5.1] Notice the promise? : A Nadesco map, the Jovian "Lizzard's" have set up a cannon. The Nadesco cannot move or risk being shot down so use your guys and destory that cannon. Oh and Heres the first appearace of Machine Robo guys! Defeat Gurobain for +1 Skill. Shouldnt be too difficult with all the nifty guys you have.

[Scene 5.2] Traitorous Collector: Some fruity villian from Daitan 3 that collects things set up a trap for the Gondall Squad. Around turn 10 he'll send out his rare collection, which is Char's Red Zaku and the G-3 Gundam. Use Chris to destory the Gundam and Bernie to destory the red zaku, and you'll get them both at the end of the scenes. Defeat Benmeru +1

[Scene 5.2] The Roar of G: There's a special condition on this map. If you Choose this map as your 1st or 2nd map, then you'll get Texas Map to help you out as you power up Getta G. However, if you pick this map as your 3rd or 4th choice, then the Saotome Research lab gets taken over (because you guys took to long to get there I guess) by Burai's forces and you'll have to fight Getta G. HOWEVER you get a FMV sequence of Getta vs Getta G. In anycase, defeat Burai for +1 Skill.

[Scene 5.3] The Great General Garuda's Sadness: Combatler V's team finds their arch-nemesis Origana's Base. Defeat Garuda with Combatler V for +1 Skill.

[Scene 5.4] The Inhereitance of Comander: Here you will see the Tobikakge team surrounded by Ibola's forces. Make sure you destory one of those teleportation devices by turn 3 or 4 or no skill point for you. Defeat Ibola for +1 skill.

[Scene 5.5] The Battlefield is in the High Skies: After finnishing off your major Earthbound threats, the Great Sky Fortress of the White demon Empire shows up and threatens to rain holy destruction upon Japan in 10 turns. Destory everything in 7 turns and you'll get +1 Skill. This took me 2 times to get the skill point. Which isnt as bad as the next episode ....

[Scene 6.1] Piece of a Dream: Another Nadesco Map. Before you start your mission to recapture Jaburo, all your forces regroup at the city nearby. Akito is being used in a Bolzon Jump expereiment with Banjo observing. Lo and behold the Jovian lizzards with Banker Pirates appear to wreak terror on the city and to annoy your guys. Finnish the map in 6 turns to get the skill point. This map was a bitch due to the fact that *4* Bloody 1's appear if you damage the Tetsujin enough. If youre having trouble with this map, the key is to damage the tetsujin early so you have more turns to take out the bloody 1's once they appear.
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